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  1. Can I Gift a Game to a Friend?

  2. Can I give away Swag to Top Contributors? How do I setup top payer prizes?

  3. Can I put my Alpha/Beta on IndieGameStand?

  4. Can I use IndieGameStand to distribute my Game to my Kickstarter or other Crowdfunding backers?

  5. Can the 20% Off store pass be combined with other deals and sales?

  6. Critical Error: FB or Address Verification!

  7. Do I have to pay something for international shipping on top contributor prizes

  8. Do you guys do Game Crowdfunding?

  9. Does my game have to be on Steam, Desura, or other distribution portals?

  10. East India Company Key Issues

  11. Game X is now available on Desura, Steam, GOG - When will I get a Key?

  12. How do I cancel my subscription?

  13. How do I categorize my purchase as Linux, Mac or Windows?

  14. How do I change my Subscription?

  15. How do I get my game on the IndieGameStand Store

  16. How do I get paid?

  17. How do I give out free (secure) copies of my game to Press, Fans, etc.

  18. How do I remove or unlist my game from the Store?

  19. How do I sell/create game download cards for my game?

  20. How do I stay up to Date with Game Deals?

  21. How do I submit my Game to IndieGameStand for a PWYW Deal?

  22. How do we prevent Steam Key Reselling? Is my Game Secure?

  23. How long after my PWYW sale ends until I get paid? Is there a minimum payment threshold?

  24. How long does it take to setup a Game for promotion?

  25. How much does the game developer get when I use my 20% off in the Store?

  26. How much of my subscription goes towards the game developer?

  27. How often do new games appear?

  28. How will I receive updates for Alpha/Beta Games?

  29. I am not receiving an Email Verification email. How can I fix this?

  30. I am not receiving any emails from

  31. I am receiving jumbled or blank emails

  32. I cannot install my Game, my Game crashes, or my Game won't Run

  33. I cannot submit a support ticket / Contact Support is broken

  34. I just missed a game that I really wanted, can I still get it?

  35. I just purchased my game but it's not showing up in my game wallet, HELP!

  36. I purchased a game without creating an Account

  37. I purchased multiple copies of a game, but cannot request additional keys

  38. I was a Top Contributor - How do I get my Swag / Prize / Etc?

  39. If I cancel my Subscription do I lose my games?

  40. If I get a bundle or pay more than $10, where does it go? Is it distributed to all 3 game developers?

  41. If I get the monthly membership does my credit card get charged every month or just one time?

  42. If I purchase an Elite Membership, will all the games be Windows, Mac and Linux

  43. If I vote for a game on Steam Greenlight that I've bought on IGS and it gets accepted, Will I get a Steam Key?

  44. I’ve signed up and purchased, how do I access my game(s)?

  45. My Desura/Steam/GOG Key Does not work - How do I fix this?

  46. Refunds on PWYW Featured Deal

  47. Steam Keys only unlocked when paying over $1 for featured games.

  48. What about VAT / Taxes?

  49. What are the requirements for selling a game?

  50. What assets do we need from you?

  51. What DRM do the games use?

  52. What happens if I buy a game in your store and then you feature it as a PWYW deal?

  53. What happens if I’m a cheapskate and pay less than a buck for a game?

  54. What happens when my game sale is over?

  55. What is IndieGameStand Elite Membership?

  56. What is the Minimum Payout for the Store?

  57. What is the Revenue Split for Developers?

  58. What’s up with the mystery game?

  59. When I buy an Elite subscription, will I get the current game deal?

  60. When should I promote my game on IndieGameStand as a Pay-what-you-Want Sale?

  61. Who selects the Charity?

  62. Why is my Store Payout Pending? How long do I need to wait?

  63. Will I get a Steam key if the game is Greenlit?

  64. Will I get a Steam key if the game shows up later on Steam?

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