I just purchased my game but it's not showing up in my game wallet, HELP!

If you've just purchased a game on Indie Game Stand and it has not shown up in your game wallet, do not worry! It is on its way once the payment clears through whichever processor you chose.

Sometimes when you purchase a game from us it can take a while if the processor gets backed up. You should receive two emails from IGS, one verifying that we received have your order, and the second email will be to let you know that your game is now available. 

This hold can happen for a variety of reasons outside our control and primarily with small payments. The system is in place to prevent fraud and protect consumers, developers, and IndieGameStand. 

Please be patient if your game does not come through immediately. If you still haven't received your game after 24 hours and the payment has cleared through the processor, please submit a support ticket with the following information 

Order ID:
Payment Method:
Game Purchased:


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