How do I submit my Game to IndieGameStand for a PWYW Deal?

We try to make it as easy as possible to get featured on IndieGameStand. I thought it would be helpful to some developers out there if I outlined our process.

1. Register with our site and create a username/password if you don't have one already


2. Login and use our game submission form:

3. We pretty much let everyone into our developer portal as long as their game looks good and they appear to be a legit indie developer and not some spammer. Once we set up your studio, you'll be able to login and visit our developer portal and start prepping your game:

4. The developer portal is built to be very self service for developers - you can setup your game, watch available dates, and read our distribution agreement. Once you have everything ready to go, click the schedule your game link to submit your game for approval. We typically schedule about 4-6 weeks in advance so if keep that in mind when you start this process. 

View available dates and Pick one that works for you!
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5. If anything is wrong or incomplete with your game, we will contact you ASAP. Once you submit your game to be featured, you do enter a period where you'll have to wait for approval and confirmation of your sale date. We comb through every submission and evaluate the overall deal (bonus content, platforms, etc) and play through the games. A lot of factors go into scheduling a game. We like to space out similar games and genres and we don't like to schedule months and months in advance. 

6. After we've approved your game and scheduled your sale, we will email you confirming that you're scheduled. You will be able to login to the developer portal and see your sales date highlighted in dark blue. Please do not advertise your sale dates, we like to keep new deals a mystery and reserve the right to adjust dates and game sales accordingly.

You're scheduled sale block will be highlighted dark
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7. Once your sale date hits, everything will go live. It's great if you monitor our forums, reddit, and do your best to blast about your game deal (on social media, via a Press Release, Advertising, Newsletter, etc). Shortly after your sale goes live, the marketing tab will unlock in the developer portal so that you can stay in touch with your customers.

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