If I get a bundle or pay more than $10, where does it go? Is it distributed to all 3 game developers?

Yes, if you pay $10+ your cash goes towards supporting 3 awesome indie developers.  Here's how $10 would get broken down between 3 Developers (approximately not taking into account credit card fees):

You pay $10, you get 3 games and all their bonus content

  • $1 goes to Charity
  • $3 goes to the developer featured on the homepage that pushed you to click Buy Now
  • $2.50 goes to the previous game's developer for the game that you knew was in your bundle
  • $1.50 goes to the mystery game developer
  • $2 GameStand Tip

The more you pay the more funds go towards all of the above and the bigger cut that each developer receives.  Isn't dynamic bundling great?

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