Can I Gift a Game to a Friend?

Yes absolutely!  Please note that all the games that are gifted through IGS use our game key system and are added to your friend's IGS account.  You can unlock game keys and bonus content for your friend the exact same way as for yourself.  Steam/Desura keys are not sent to the purchaser but are available to the person who receives the gift once they login to their IGS account and recover their keys.

How to Send a Gift Immediately

Simply click the "Buy as a Gift" button or check the Gift option during checkout.  Put in your friend's email address and he'll get emailed about your gift and find the new game right in his game wallet.

How to Send a Gift Later

If you already own the game, you can purchase the game again and you will be emailed an IGS game code that you can email to your friend at a later date to unlock their game.  Please note that if your purchased the game for $0.25 and then purchase it for a $1, we will simply upgrade your purchase and unlock game keys or bonus content. 

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