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Allow to improve the paid amount to get the extra goodies (extras, etc)

Basicaly is that. If you paid X and the BTA (Beat the averge) for the extras are higher, allow you to pay that difference.

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    Stormcio shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Chris commented  · 

        I am in agreement too, sometimes we choose a lower payment to begin with then wish we paid more later....but do not want to buy it again from scratch.

      • Stephan Sokolow commented  · 

        I've actually had one game where I clicked the Beat The Average star but the price was so volatile that I still missed the extras and would have had to pay a second time.

        I wasn't feeling vindictive enough to open up a PayPal dispute, but I did decide to direct all my non-DailyDeal business elsewhere despite you guys often having the best combination of "DRM-free local downloads" and "Desura/GOG key" for people who want as many "off-site backup" options as possible.

        (Luckily, the dev eventually added the "beat the average" versions to the copy I already owned via an IndieRoyale bundle.)

        You really need to fix this.

      • Jov commented  · 

        A long time ago I paid 25 cents for Gnomoria, and I'd now like to pay the extra 75 cents or whatever is necessary to be eligible for a Steam key. Is that possible?

      • Chronon commented  · 

        I'm so damn dissatisfied that someone just sniped my item during the last seconds. (I refreshed when there was under 1 min left.) Let me give you extra fiver and bump him off... Damn unethical BS...

        If you implement this I'd like it to stay open maybe an hour after each raise in the top 3. If you want to make it snappy it could be only 5 minutes just to prevent that BS sniping!

      • RobbinxDeHood commented  · 

        I think it is disgraceful that a bunch of cheapskates are angry that they didn't get to squeak by with the minimum amount of money possible. Not only does this cheat the developer but the charity too. You want all the stuff, pay the $10, otherwise I think you should have to just take your chances that you miss out on the extras. Just disgraceful, I think you should be ashamed.

      • Joe commented  · 

        I agree too. This is my first time using this site and while I should have read better, I'm slightly annoyed that I payed 1 penny less than what I needed to beat the average and I have no way of upping my amount unless I want to repay it all (not happening).

      • GnomeSlice commented  · 

        I feel like if possible, this would be a great addition. Although one drawback is that it might become more difficult to get the top contributor prizes if everyone could just edit their amount right before the end.

        Still, +1

      • DorthLous commented  · 

        The fact this is not an option is cheating the dev out of money and doesn't help your bundle site.

      • Jimmy Myers commented  · 

        I came to the support area looking for exactly this... I guess it's not an option though, too bad.

      • Carey commented  · 

        Would absolutely love this

      • allinlabs commented  · 

        It would be a really great and useful feature !

      • parkjose commented  · 

        I think it would be nice to be able to increase your purchase price later on if you really enjoy the game and want to give the developers some extra love.

      • cptobvious commented  · 

        I hope this feature will be retroactive. Meaning if I buy the game now I'll be able to increase my donation in the future and get the bonus content.

      • Wes commented  · 

        Gonna agree with this one, I wish I'd paid more after seeing the GOG key. Would happily up my payment.

      • Shad0WeN commented  · 

        I agree. It would be great to be able to increase your amount after making a purchase.

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